1. sammi

    Bravo! I would like to add to the “How Can Musicians Retune?” paragraph: Guitar and bass players with iPhones could use the Lovetunar app to tune to 528Hz by ear. It’s at http://itunes.com/apps/lovetunar or lovetunar.com Imagine if everyone did the same research or at the very least listened to 528 hertz music everyday. Ahha!

  2. Alyn

    I have played the flute in the Air Force band program for many years and have often wondered as to why we tune to A440. Now, there is this renewed approach to tune to A444. I must try this myself to see what the results may be. It does seem that such a small shift would not make much of a difference. I have noticed that piano tuners tune the upper register of the piano a bit higher for “brilliance”. But, I think the reasons go beyond mere brilliance. Also, musical groups that I have played in also seem to be playing sharper at the end of the practice or concert.

    • Alyn, so glad you stopped by. Thanks for the comment. I have been playing my guitars for about six months now in A=444. But when I play along with CD’s I tune to A=440, and lately I have noticed a difference. In A=440 something just feels a little off. At first I didn’t notice it, now I think the difference is becoming more noticeable. I prefer the new tuning so I have been sticking with it. Maybe you will have the same experience? Good luck.

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