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Configuring the matching criteria. Symantec STS-Partner-Accreditation ST0-057 Exam Practice Note Practice Questions.

Both of these different services can be used to either 98-366 VCE demo police or drop on most devices traffic that matches a configured policy. Full Demo: ST0-057 Exam Answers Sets.

Symantec ST0-057 Syllabus Practice Lab. The steps that are required to create a class map, policy map, and to apply either aggregate or distributed control plane policing on a supporting device are shown in Table 1.

The layout for this architecture is shown inFigure This architecture includes four main components Control Plane 151 The control plane is a collection of processes that are run on the device at the process level of the Route Processor RP ICGB test questions and provides high 70-306 Answers Sets level control for most Cisco IOS functions. Best Practice Symantec ST0-057 Exam Training Questions PDF.

2 Notice that all traffic that comes through a distributed line card that is not destined for the control plane is processed by the distributed switch engine and forwarded on the appropriate port.

Non Distributed line cards 151 These non distributed line cards are responsible for receiving packets and occasionally perform input and output services, all packets on these line cards are forwarded Symantec ST0-057 Exam to ST0-057 Exam the central switch engine.

Most Reliable ST0-057 Exam Practise Questions. router config class map match any match all class map name The default method of matching is to match all statements that are configured.

Control Plane Policing Configuration The first thing that needs to be reviewed is the MQC and how it is used to implement control plane policing.

There are a number of different match commands that can be used.

100% Success ST0-057 Question Sets for STS-Partner-Accreditation. With this in mind, two different levels of control plane policing were developed one ST0-057 Exam calledaggregate control plane servicesthat subjected all control plane traffic to a set of policies, and a second calleddistributed control plane servicesthat allowed a set of policies to be applied to specific distributed line card.

Policy map creation 151 A policy map is used to specify the policy action that will be taken against a specific class of traffic as specified by the class map.

The MQC provides a commonly used method of implementing a policy using a three part configuration process Class map creation 151 A class map is used to classify the traffic that will be subject to the configured policy. Symantec ST0-057 Answers Practice Questions.

Central switch engine 151 The central switch engine is a device that is responsible for the high speed routing of IP packets it is also typically used to provide high speed input and output services to non distributed interfaces.

Distributed switch engine line cards 151 The distributed switch engine is responsible for the high speed switching of N10-006 Exam Dumps IP packets on distributed line card without using the resources of the central switch engine it is also used to provide high speed input and output services to the distributed interfaces on the line card. Symantec ST0-057 Exam Tests.

Enter class map configuration mode.

router config cmap policy map HP0-Y43 Review Questions Veritas NBU PureDisk 6.5 (STS) policy map name Specify the class map to use to match traffic for this policy.

There are two separate paths that traffic can take when being routed to the control plane a distributed path and a non distributed path.

Keep in mind that regardless of whether traffic goes through a distributed line card or not, it will always be subject to aggregate control plane services.

Application of a policy map 151 A policy map is then applied when using control plane policing, this policy is applied directly to the control plane aggregate or to a specific distributed line card distributed.

To define this policy, the Modular Quality of Service Command Line interface MQC is used this configuration is shown in the next section.

Figure 2shows an example of how traffic destined for the control plane is processed when using distributed and non distributed line cards. ST0-057 Exam CertDumps Certification Dumps.

router config pmap class 070-686 PDF Answers class map name Specify a policy action. ST0-057 Exam Gold Standard Dumps.

To perform this, a number of different match commands have been developed the common match commands used with control plane policing includematch access group,match ip dscp,match ip precedence, and certain match protocol commands.

Enter policy map configuration mode. 100% Pass ST0-057 Exam Syllabus.

router config cmap match