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PMI-RMP Certification Practice Exam Tests. When you assign a switch port to a VLAN using this method, it is known as astatic access port.

Use theshow vlan idvlan numberor theshow vlan namevlan namecommand to display information about a particular VLAN.

PMI PMI-RMP Tests Exam Training. Also notice that Ethernet 0 2 is assigned to VLAN 20.

As shown inFigure 3 10, on SW1 configure port Ethernet 0 2 to be an access port and assign it to VLAN 20.

Ping from PC 1 to PC 3.

First-hand PMI PMI-RMP Practice Exam Ref. With static VLAN configuration, you EE0-011 VCE Dumps first need to create a VLAN COG-385 Exams Answers on the switch, if it does not yet exist.

CollectDumps PMI PMI-RMP Book. VLANs are identified by the VLAN number that runs 1 through 4094.

PMI PMI-RMP Certification Practice Exam. Create VLAN 20 on both switches.

Use theshow vlancommand to display information on all configured VLANs. Passed The New PMI-RMP Certification Practice Official Guide Question Sets. PMI-RMP Certification Practice

If you do not see a port listed in the output, this is probably because it is not configured as an access port.

Table 3 2 notes the maximum number of VLANs supported by each model of Catalyst switch.

SW1 config vlan 20 SW1 config vlan exit Applying VLAN changes may take few minutes.

On SW1, verify membership of port Ethernet 0 2.

That said, each Cisco Catalyst switch supports a different number of VLANs, with high end Cisco Catalyst switches PMI PMI-RMP Certification Practice supporting as many as 4096 VLANs. Review for PMI-RMP Books for PMI Certification.

Step 4. 1Z1-046 Dumps First-hand PMI-RMP Certification Practice Exam Pdf Certification Practice.

The command displays configured VLANs, their names, and the ports on the switch that are assigned to each VLAN SW1 show vlan 1 default active Et0 0, Et0 1, Et0 3, Et1 0 Et1 2, Et1 3304 Certification Practice 3, Et2 0, Et2 1 Et2 2, Et2 3, Et3 0, Et3 1 Et3 2, Et3 3, Et4 0, Et4 1 Et4 PMI Risk Management Professional 2, Et4 3, Et5 0, Et5 1 Et5 2, Et5 3 20 IT active Et0 2 1005 trnet default act unsup 1 enet 100001 1500 0 0 20 enet 100020 1500 0 0 1002 fddi 101002 1500 0 0 1003 tr CISA Practice Questions 101003 1500 0 0 1004 fdnet 101004 1500 ieee 0 0 1005 trnet 101005 1500 ibm 0 0 In theshow vlanoutput, you can see that VLAN 20, named IT, is created.

By default, it is part of VLAN 1 SW1 config interface ethernet 0 000-104 Exam Pdf 2 SW1 config if switchport mode access SW1 config if switchport access vlan 20 Theswitchport mode accesscommand explicitly tells the port to be assigned only a single VLAN, providing connectivity to an end user. Provides Latest PMI PMI-RMP Ebook Pdf.

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SW1 config Step 2.

Step 1.

Step 3. PMI PMI-RMP Exam Profile Official Guide.

Unique PMI PMI-RMP Practice Questions Exam Questions. The ping should be successful PC1 PMI-RMP Certification Practice ping 192.