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The most professional 600-460 Testing Engine for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist. What if the L3 Destination Address doesn 8217 t belong to the Router If the L3 destination IP address isNOTone of the router 8217 s IP addresses, the router realizes the packet is not for the router personally, but the router is willing to 600-460 VCE Dumps forward or route this IP packet it is a router, after all.



An example of traffic destined to R2 could be CBAP Premium Exam a packet carrying part of a TCP based SSH session between the router R2 and the 9L0-619 CertDumps administrator.

The 600-460 VCE Dumps router consults the routing table to determine if any of its routes networks in the routing table match the destination IP address in the packet.



The application of this learning, where the router actually forwards real packets using the information it CISSP Exam Training previously learned about routes is called the S90-20A Books Data Plane, and often referred to as the transit path or packet switching.

When a router receives a frame of data from a switch, the router looks at the Layer 2 destination address in the frame of data and asks itself, 8220 Do I care about this frame of data Is it relevant to me What is my motivation to continue working with this frame 8221 Regarding IP version 4, if the L2 destination MAC address is the MAC address on the router, or the L2 address is a broadcast address, or the L2 address is the address of a multicast group that this router has joined, then YES, this frame of data is interesting or possibly relevant to the router. 100% Pass Cisco 600-460 Practise Questions.


As a result, C4080-766 Exam Collection the router will look further into the packet to see what else is inside. Most professional 600-460 VCE Dumps Syllabus Tests.

Figure 10 When receiving this frame and because the L2 destination address was relevant to R2 00 64 40 22 22 22 is R2 8217 s MAC address , R2 continues to dive into 050-718 Practise Questions the packet and then looks at the L3 destination address, and asks, 8220 Do I care about this packet at L3 of data Is it relevant to me 8221 If the destination IP address in the L3 header matches an IP address of the router, the router would realize this packet was specifically for him, and would continue to look deeper into the packet to see what the packet was all about.

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3, the router would look for the longest match if there were multiple different length entries in the routing table , and use that route to forward the packet.

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In the output below, the routing table lists that it knows one subnet from the Class A network of 3.

In an Ethernet L2 header, it specifies what the payload is the protocol being carried , which could be dot1q, MPLS or even IP.

In the packet analysis below, it shows a L2 frame with a destination MAC address of R2, and a destination L3 address of 3.

For this example of IP routers, let 8217 s say the L3 information was IP version 4.

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Figure 9 Forwarding Customer Packets The learning of routes is called the control plane, and is the process where the router learns and decides the best routes to use. Cisco 600-460 Exam Answers CertDumps.

professional Cisco 600-460 Exam Ref. If a packet has the destination IP address of 3.

Cisco Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist 600-460 VCE Dumps Study Material CertDumps. This control plane is like going to class, where the router does the learning of routes Cisco 600-460 VCE Dumps and how to forward packets.

0, that it is subnetted down to a 24, and that 24 bit network is 3.

Cisco Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist 600-460 VCE Dumps Question Sets Answers Sets. 3 which is not local to R1 or R2.