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Basic Switching Function When a switch receives a frame, it must decide what to do with that frame.

Microsoft MCSA 070-462 Practice Test braindumps Question Sets. This location information is placed in a content addressable memory table CAM, named for the type of memory used to store these tables.

Frame check sequence FCS Consists of 4 bytes. Microsoft MCSA 070-462 Practice Test Exams Cert Syllabus.

Microsoft 070-462 CertDumps Exam Objectives. To know what to do with the frame, the switch learns the 070-462 Practice Test location of all devices on the segment.

If the length of the Data field is less than 46, the Data field must be extended by adding 810-403 Practice Test a filler a pad sufficient to bring the Data field length to MG-OCEB-B300 Exam Objectives 46 bytes.

It could ignore the frame, it could pass the frame out one other port, or it could pass the frame out many other ports. 070-462 Practice Test Exam braindumps.

Standard 070-462 Practice Test braindumps. If the Length Type field value is greater than 1536, the frame is an optional type frame, and the Length Type field value identifies the particular type of frame being sent or received.

This sequence contains a 32 bit cyclic redundancy check CRC value, which is created by the sending MAC and is recalculated by the receiving MAC to check for damaged frames. New Course Microsoft 070-462 Practice Lab Dumps.

The remaining bits are a uniquely assigned 920-125 Practice Exam value that identifies a single station, a defined group of stations, or all stations on the network.

070-462 Practice Test Exam Guide Technology Course. Note that jumbo frames up to 9000 bytes are supported on the current generation Cisco Catalyst switches.

Source addresses SA Consists of 6 bytes. Passed The New Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides.

The SOF is an alternating pattern of 1s and 0s, ending with two consecutive 1 bits, indicating that the next bit is the leftmost bit in the leftmost byte of the destination address.

Length Type Consists of 2 bytes.

The second bit indicates whether the DA is globally administered indicated by a 0 or locally administered indicated by a 1.

Data Is a sequence ofnbytes of any value, wherenis less than or equal to 1500.

In the first byte of the DA, the 2 least significant bits are used to Microsoft 070-462 Practice Test indicate whether the destination is an individual address or group address that is, multicast.

070-462 Practice Test Dumps Exam Ref. The FCS is generated over the DA, SA, Length Type, and Data fields.

The SA is always an individual address, and the leftmost bit in the SA field is always 0. The Latest 070-462 Official Guide for MCSA.

The first of these 2 bits indicates Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases whether the address is an individual 070-462 Practice Test address indicated by a 0 or a group address indicated by a 1.

Destination address DA Consists of 6 640-911 Question Sets bytes. CollectDumps 070-462 Practice Test Questions PDF Practice Test.

CertsGrade Microsoft 070-462 PDF Answers Exam Material. Start of frame delimiter SOF Consists of 1 byte.

Microsoft 070-462 CertDumps Practice Test. The DA field identifies which station s should receive the frame.

The SA field identifies the sending station. Microsoft MCSA 070-462 Practice Test Practice Lab VCE demo.

If the Length Type field value is less than or equal EX200 VCE demo to 1500, the number of LLC bytes in the Data field is equal to the Length Type field value. Best Course Microsoft 070-462 CertDumps.

This field indicates either the number of MAC client data bytes that are contained in the data field of the MB4-161 Exams Cert frame, or the frame type ID if the frame is assembled using an optional format.