Brian Coe

Brian Coe is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and social activist based out of Los Angeles. He advocates in his community for the homeless and low income populations. In 2016 he received the president’s Volunteer Service Award from the Obama Administration in recognition for his work.

Look for Brian performing in the Pasadena and Los Angeles areas with his electric or acoustic guitar. logo-great-ocean-studiosHaving started in music as a drummer, his original songs are often rhythmically centered, utilizing feeling and emotion with an appreciation for melody, and often lyrically deep with meaning. Some influences are, The Beatles, The Doors, Stone Temple Pilots and U2. Visit the blog to check in on Brian’s latest thoughtful observations, and follow Brian on Twitter @briancoe

contact: mail@briancoe.net


Brian has been on over a twenty-year journey to self-awareness – from out of the depths of depression and addiction, to enlightenment. Such a big change brings many lessons and opportunities. Perspectives shared in Brian’s music, thoughts expressed in his writings, and his community participation all support his humble message of compassionate social reform, and personal liberation through self-awareness. What that means, in light of a lifetime journey to self-awareness, is expressed here in the following short message from Brian:

“Greetings everyone. I would like to be upfront and real with you: It’s been a hell of a ride, to hell and back! It’s a long story, but in one sentence I would like to summarize for you all that I have learned on my journey: Everything is going to be alright… Yes… Believe it. You know what else? There’s too much fear. Everywhere – about ourselves and about each other. It’s crippling us. I learned that by letting go of what you fear our life will transform for the better, because mine has. Here’s another nugget of wisdom: Humans are basically good, all of us. Even though there is so much evil, it’s not what we are really made of. We are all basically good. This means we are all the same…so what are we doing then fighting and hating everywhere? Since we all have the same basic needs let’s cooperate to achieve social reforms that will benefit the collective good (general will)! FIRST, we stop fighting each other. THEN, we stop and listen to those Masters who have come before us and taught us the higher values of peace, compassion and kindness. They are the real leaders. This will be tough because we will have to stop ourselves and listen. We will have to be open to learning something new. There is no way around it. We can’t expect to get different results by doing the same things. If we want a better life we must be willing to do the work to break our habitual actions. It starts with the individual. THIRD, we take action to achieve our common goals. What are our common goals? We can start with these: Everybody needs healthy food, a place to live, a basic income, access to health care, social interaction, and time for recreation. That’s the work we should be doing. Why are we doing all this “work” every day in our jobs making other people rich while our very own people – our society – perpetually struggle to survive? Is poverty to last indefinitely? Is homelessness just the way things have to be? Is visiting a doctor a luxury? What about equal justice? We have a responsibility to take care of each other, it’s what is important. When we relearn to connect with each other instead of fear each other we will naturally want to do these things. It’s all very simple, but unfortunately politics and special interests have made it complicated…Let’s raise the expectations we have of our leaders for the kinds of conditions we will accept in our social system! We are all the same, yet all different. That is what makes life interesting and challenging. So let’s come together in the name of PEACE, LOVE and MUSIC!….. See you on the world stage. – Brian Coe”